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Founding Members and History

In 2019, several people began to see the need for more community events and networking opportunities in the Delaware Valley.  With the support of NBAA,  brainstorming meetings were held and what blossomed is the current Delaware Valley Business Aviation Association. 

Forming an official board in late 2019, we were ready to kick off the new year.  However, like all of us around the world, 2020 hit hard and was a heavy roadblock to our growth and expansion.  With a foundation rooted in providing more in person networking opportunities, we shifted our focus to online webinars, coffee chats, and eventually a virtual kick off event complete with NBAA's Ed Bolen speaking. 

These founding members represent companies and individuals who made a strong commitment within the first two years of our existence to create a thriving business aviation association in the Delaware Valley.  Even when the world was not clear what next steps looked like, these sponsors showed up for us, supported us and believed in our next level. We sincerely thank these founding members for their continued support and look forward to our growth moving forward. 

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